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P&O Cruises now offer a selection of cruises that include the city of Cadiz as a Port-of-Call.

You cruise right into the heart of historic Cadiz as immediately across the busy Avenida del Puerto from the Spanish port is the main square and shopping area. From there, it is easy to find your own way around this compact city. Behind is the 18th century cathedral (El Nueva) and the view from the top is worth the long climb up its internal stairs.

The narrow streets of the old town below are lined by tall Moorish-style houses with flower-decked balconies mixed in amongst some small shops and tapas bars. Cadiz dates back to the 12th century BC so is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the western world but sultry Seville has long since outgrown its neighbour.

La Giralda (the bell-tower next to its Gothic cathedral), is in Sevilles historic Jewish quarter which also has the whitewashed houses and exquisitely coloured bougainvillea that everyone associates with this lovely city.

A full list of the P&O cruises that feature Cadiz as a Port of Call can be found here:

Cadiz Cruises from P&O Cruises

P&O Cadiz Cruises also feature a fantastic selection of shore excursions. We’ve listed a few of the most popular excursions below. Please check the P&O Cadiz Excursions page for a complete list of current excursions.

Sherry and Royal Horse Show
Jerez – renowned for its sherry and its horses; this unmissable tour includes both!

For a truly memorable experience, take the opportunity to see the Spanish-Andalusian horses perform their spectacular show. These beautiful, pure breed creatures have incredible grace, speed and stamina and their experienced riders display wonderful skills of horsemanship. The prestigious Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art was established in the 1970’s in the grounds of a splendid 19th century palace, and ever since the ‘dressage and dance’ performances have enthralled audiences. The show starts promptly at midday and lasts for approximately 1½ hours.

Whether it is sherry-fino, amontillado or oloroso, you’ll want to sample this fine fortified wine here in its hometown. One of the famous ‘bodegas’ of Jerez opens its doors and invites you to see the blending process of this popular tipple. Your visit is rounded off with a tasting session of three different varieties within the unique atmosphere of the cellar itself.

Sherry and Royal Horse Training
Sample sherry before watching the training of world renowned horses – This tour captures the best Jerez has to offer.

A ‘must-see’ on a visit to Jerez is a guided tour of one of the famous ‘bodegas’. An interesting insight into the blending process will be given and, most importantly, you’ll have a sherry tasting session of the different types of sherry.

The wine aristocrats of this area take their horsemanship very seriously and some of the finest horses anywhere can be seen at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. Situated in the grounds of a splendid 19th century palace, this prestigious school was established by Alvaro Domeq in the 1970’s. The Spanish-Andalusian Horses are a world-renowned pure breed with incredible grace, speed, stamina and beauty. Admire these magnificent creatures and their skilled riders as they train for their show.

Driving through Cadiz, your panoramic journey will head to Jerez. Take in such sights as the exterior of Domeq Palace and the Convent Church of Santo Domingo. You’ll also have a glimpse of the Plaza del Caballo, Horse Square, which contains a monument symbolising the city.

Sights of Seville
Always a favourite – Seville offers a wide variety of compelling and famous sights.

The stunning city of Seville is well worth a visit and has been captured as a location in Dan Brown’s book, ‘Digital Fortress’.

Renowned as the largest place of worship in Spain and one of the largest in the world, the Cathedral of Seville boasts a lavish interior. Outside stands La Giralda, an imposing 322-foot tower, formerly a Moorish-style minaret from a mosque that once stood on this site.

Stroll through the old Jewish Santa Cruz Quarter with its labyrinth of narrow streets, wrought-iron-grilled windows, whitewashed buildings and tiled patios. Lunch has not been included within the tour to allow maximum flexibility in Seville. Be tempted by one of the many cafés and restaurants within the area or perhaps make a visit to the magnificent Alcazar – home to Spanish kings.

Enjoy a panoramic drive around Seville, which is one of the ‘jewels in the crown of Europe’ and is considered to be on a par with Venice and Florence. You’ll have brief photo-stops at sights such as the Plaza America, Plaza de España and Maria Luisa Park. There will also be a short time for shopping.

Walking in the City
Explore the city on foot and discover the intriguing old town of Cadiz amongst its haphazardly heaped, Moorish-style houses.

Jutting out of the Bay of Cadiz, and almost entirely surrounded by water, Cadiz can lay claim to being Europe’s oldest city, where legend names Hercules as its founder. Some of its 18th century walls still stand and the old quarter is famous for its picturesque charm.

One of the best ways of getting to know a city is by exploring on foot. Your guide will take you through narrow lanes, where flowers sprout from rusting cans mounted on walls beside religious paintings. At the Plaza de España, you’ll find a monument to the first Spanish constitution of 1812 and then pass by the Town Hall in the Plaza de San Juan de Dios. The golden cupola of the Cathedral looms high above long, white houses and you’ll hear how this house of worship was built from silver and gold from the New World. Relax awhile over a sherry, a beer or a soft drink at a local café.

Get the best out of your visit by exploring the many highlights of this once highly fortified town in the company of a knowledgeable guide and at a leisurely pace.

Sherry Tasting in Jerez
Visit a ‘bodega’ to learn how sherries are produced and, of course, to sample the finished product.

En route to Jerez, you’ll take in such sights as the exterior of the Cathedral of Cadiz and the Castle of San Sebastian. You’ll also have a glimpse of the Plaza de España, which contains a monument symbolising the first democratic constitution. A short stop will be made for those all-important holiday snaps.

Arriving at Jerez, the home of sherry, step into one of the town’s famous ‘bodegas’, where your senses will be filled by the dense, fruity, yeasty scent, which permeates the building. A knowledgeable guide will take you through the production, blending and bottling process of this famous fortified wine. Now for the tasting – 3 varieties of sherry will be offered to tantalise your taste buds – from fino (dry) to amontillado (medium) to oloroso (sweet).

During your time at the bodega, you will have some time to purchase souvenirs of your visit to the cellar.

Mountain Villages
This tour introduces you to typical Andalusian white-washed villages – one inland and the other on the Atlantic coast.

Squeezed between the sierras and the sea, a visit will be made to the classic white-washed village of Vejer, perched high above the steep gorge of the River Barbate. Declared a national monument in 1978, this pretty village offers a perfect example of what many Andalusian towns were like during 5 centuries of Islamic rule.

Enjoy a guided walk through this stunning town as you explore the cobbled-stoned streets, meandering through a charming jumble of secret corners, hidden patios and delightful houses. Along your route you will pass the beautiful Plaza de España, undoubtedly one of the prettiest village squares in Spain and where you can enjoy some free time.

Continuing by coach, sit back, relax and enjoy the rich countryside as you pass through the Natural Park ‘La Breña’, a beautiful and protected pine forest. Look out also for Cape Trafalgar, the lighthouse marking the bleak headland where Lord Horatio Nelson won the Battle of Trafalgar, but sadly lost his life.

Your next stop is at Conil, a small town with narrow cobbled streets, historical monuments, tapas bars and shops. Here you’ll have free time, perhaps to relax in one of the many tapas bars and do a spot of people watching, shop for souvenirs or stroll along the glorious sandy beach – the choice is yours.

Seville on your Own
Whether you’ve been to Seville before and want to explore further or prefer to do your own thing, this flexible option is ideal

The best thing about Seville is that all the major sights are packed neatly into one easily walkable square mile – most of which is flat.

Your best friend, from an orientation point of view, will be the Giralda Tower. The 319-feet-high tower is a great landmark when you lose yourself in the wonderful maze of city streets. Be sure to take a look at the huge Gothic Cathedral, stroll in the picturesque alleyways, hidden plazas and flower-filled patios and treat yourself in one of the many souvenir shops, restaurants or tapas bars. A visit to the Royal Palace is a rewarding experience, as is the Hospital de los Venerables, however if you like shopping head to the Calle de las Sierpes and seek out the market squares nearby.

Andalucia Drive
Marvel at the beautiful countryside of Andalucia and its attractive white villages, from the comfort of your coach.

When people mention Andalucia, the images that come to mind are white villages, scenic countryside, agriculture and fighting bulls. Join this tour to get a glimpse of real Andalusian culture.

Your panoramic drive will take you through Medina Sidonia, a town located in the heart of the province of Cadiz – between the mountains and the sea. Along this route, one of the most prestigious herds of bulls can be viewed, set against the backdrop of the historical town of Medina.

Travelling along the so called ‘Bull Route’, your guide will take you into the countryside and explain about the region’s agriculture, such as the surrounding olive groves and vineyards. The guide will also intrigue you with the history of fighting bulls, dating back to Tartesinien and Carthaginian times.

Passing by the village of Vejer de la Frontera, you will reach Conil de la Frontera with its stunning beach. Alight here for a refreshing cup of tea or coffee and the chance to enjoy some free time to explore the village.

Picturesque Cadiz and Flamenco
Enjoy a panoramic drive around Cadiz before soaking up the atmosphere of a local tavern with Spanish tapas, flamenco dancing and music.

A visit to Andalusia would not be complete without tapas and a performance of flamenco.

First take a panoramic drive around Cadiz view the Cathedral and the city’s 18th century walls.

A local tablao or tavern is the setting for an authentic flamenco performance. Flamenco is the music of Spanish gypsies, influenced by both western and Moorish sources. Sit back and drink in a traditional performance of its taccato, balletic dances, its haunting ballads and its fiery guitar music. While enjoying the music and wine, you will also be serve local Spanish tapas – small plates of Serrano ham, cheese and Spanish omelette. You can even try some flamenco dancing for yourself!

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